Day 14 Darwin – Broome

Scrubbing the deck

Anchored at Cable Bay

Shortly after lunch we arrive at our anchorage at Cable Beach. The place is alive with cars on the beach, boats and people making the most of their Sunday afternoon down the beach.  There are quite a lot of curious people as they come and investigate the ship in the boats and canoes. Once we have anchored we get the rescue boat over the side and give the deck a good

Finally after two, long, hot months of not being able to swim in the sea, due to Australia’s more ferocious native animals, we have been told that we can now swim in the sea again. Dirk gives a brief on deck about the swimming pool rules before Ally officially declares open time. It takes no time at all before bodies are cascading off the side of the ship. After everyone has had a cool off there are a couple of hours for everyone to do their last minute Sod’s opera preparations or alternatively relax and wing it in tonight’s performance.

The professional crew prepare the 18th century deck ready for tonight’s feast. It doesn’t take long to set up and then it is our turn for rehearsal. Our rehearsal doesn’t even see us completing one practice, as the sun is close to setting and we plan to fire a cannon salute just after the sun has gone down. So we are all called on deck to fire the cannon. It is a beautiful night and the cannon fire looks very dramatic in the orange and pink sky.

Synchronised jumping

The domestic dinner goes perfectly with fine food and fantastic company. Nigel and Eddie create the most delicious cheese cake ever created! Because of the temperature we decide to host the sods on deck tonight. We have Mick from Mizzen Mast as our compare, who does a fantastic job. There is as always the slightly bizarre and the outstanding acts. The Mizzenmast wins my vote, with their video presentation of MR Bucket head, the story of a stowaway onboard. It had me in tears of laughter and I think it is my favourite performance to date.

The morning starts with everyone busily packing their bags for their 1100 departure. We have breakfast for all hands this morning, so we can enjoy everyone’s company for the last meal. This voyage has been sensational and we have all got to see a very remote and special part of Australia, made all the more special with astounding marine life and the beautiful sailing we have endured. Fair winds

All’s well.

18th century set up for the mess dinner