Day 12 Darwin – Broome

Eddie working away with his melon hat

Latitude; 16°26.6’S

Longitude; 122°46.3’E

Distance run in the last 24hrs; 89.2NM

Average speed; 3.7KN

After Eddie enjoys his leisurely lunch now being an idler for the day, it is back on deck. It is not long before chef Nigel assisted by Darbey are also on deck with a gift for Eddie, half a cantaloupe melon scooped out that he is to wear as a hat for the afternoon. The wind remains at nothing for most the afternoon and then at 1500 there is slight ripples appearing on
the sea and the slight hint of a very gentle breeze. The engines are put in idle mode as we set some sail to see if we can gain some ground. There is just enough and so the engine is turned off and we peacefully sail along.

Just before sunset there is a pod of whales spotted off the starboard side. Although they are a distance off we can see them breeching and splashing around. We change course to get closer view, it is a special sight to see Sperm Whales breeching and smashing their tales down in this remote and unspoilt place, made all the more special by the ambience of the setting sun.
This is a moment that I will remember for a very long time to come.

At dinner time Eddie gets the traditional Birthday cake and Happy Birthday sung to him. Mizzenmast feeling left out, as they are on watch, decide to pile down into the Navigation room and sing their own rendition of Happy Birthday to him over the PR system.

Greg while wearing ship

Unfortunately although the wind continues to gently blow, we have to keep to a 20th century time scale to arrive into Broome and so the engines are started again and the sails handed. We are going to try and make good way during the night and then spend tomorrow sailing if the wind prevails.

The morning brings us the striking views of Cape Leveque, with the red cliffs and quaint lighthouse. Not only that but we are greeted by more Whales very close off the Port side. As the morning goes on we have constant marine life, whales, dolphins and sea snakes all passing by the ship. It is a fantastic area and we are all extremely privileged to witness it all on
such an iconic ship.

All’s well.

Sperm Whale under the bowsprit

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