Day 11 Darwin -Broome

baby Sperm Whale and mother

Latitude; 15°23.5’S

Longitude; 122°57.8’E

Distance run in the last 24hrs; 78.9KN

Average speed; 3.2KN

The crew are given a choice after lunch if they would like to wash the deck with buckets or with the deck hose, bizarrely they chose to wash it down with buckets. An hour or so later when it comes to washing the deck down again and they are asked if they would like to wash the deck down with buckets or the hose, the sensible answer of the hose is made. This is a chance
for everyone to cool down again. There is very little breeze which makes all the difference on days like this. As the hose starts the crew start piling out of the forward hatch in their bathers, then David Appears in full snorkel attire, the heat of the sun is playing its toll on some of the crew.

The afternoon is very still with only a gentle breeze pushing us along. The afternoon is a relatively relaxing one with no sail handling to be done and only some of the crew carrying out basic maintenance.

David getting a hose down

The wheel of misfortune continues for Nick throughout the day, but he has it relatively fortunate, with nothing too terrible being spun. In light of this, the first Officer and Catering Officer conspire against him. At 1600 all hands are called on deck for sail handling, or so everyone thinks. Dirk grabs Nick and pins him down, while Nigel runs at Nick with a big custard pie and gets him right in the face. It is very, comical and extremely messy. Nick takes it all in good humour and doesn’t even retaliate.

The gentle breeze eventually eases into becalmedness and we have to start the iron stay sail, as we are aimlessly drifting. The plan is to try and make a bit of distance tonight and then set sail again in the morning. The Mizzenmast apparently win the award for the longest time to furl a sail ever… And the Mainmast is being mischievous as they sneak up their own version
of the day’s blog, very amusing.

The morning comes with milk pond seas and not an ounce of breeze. It doesn’t seem to deter the crew however, as with these flat sea’s we can spot huge schools of fish being chased and jumping right out. Then while Captain Ross gives a lecture about sextants, there is a Sperm Whale and her calf off the Port side, the baby is desperately trying to breach. This morning
it is yet another professional crew’s Birthday, cook’s mate Eddie. The day starts off kind for him, as we give him a get out of galley card for the day. It is very unlikely that this good will is going to last the day, so beware Eddie.

All’s well.