Day 8 Darwin – Broome

One of the last photo's taken of a muddy Eggbert

Latitude; 14°40.05’N

Longitude; 125°04.4’E

Distance run in the last 4 hrs; 21.5

Average speed; 5.3KN

It is not long after we have anchored at Bigge Island that all hands are called back on deck, once on deck it becomes apparent that we have dragged again. As the anchor cable comes up, there seems to be something amiss, Eggbert. Eggbert is the buoy that lets us know where the anchor is secured on the sea bottom and not just a buoy, but a vital part of the ships crew. After dragging ship three times and losing Eggbert, we take this as a clear sign that we are just not meant to stop here. We start to weigh anchor and then proceed down the West coast approximately 5 nautical miles and drop the anchor again. This time the anchor holds and we decide that we will remain here for the night and then will try and reach Wary Bay again in the morning. Captain Ross gives a brief to the voyage crew to let them know, what the new plan of action is and also to let them know that he will shortly give a lecture about sextants and
how to use them.

As Ross gets up to walk away Dirk takes the chart out of his hand and the rest of the professional crew bombard him with; Water, washing up liquid, flour, bad aftershave and eggs. Once fully coated in goop it is finished off with a bucket of fresh water thrown over him.. Well almost finished off, Anais a little late, but better than never, places a bowl of noodles on his head to top it all off. Captain Ross takes a break to get cleaned up before starting his lecture, while the rest of the crew continue with the afternoon maintenance

Captain Ross & his Birthday cake

On deck tonight there is much activity, Ally is splicing a new tiller rope, Ross and Kyle are playing the Ukulele and guitar, I am making a turk’s head for Darbey and the fender lounge is busy with crew chatting. The Endeavour aquarium is just as spectacular with schools of small fish darting around, being chased by larger fish and then they attract the sharks who show
up later.

In the morning the wind is fresher and after reflection of yesterday’s problematic anchor attempts we decide it is for the best if we continue on to our next planned destination. We go about ships routine and have the usual morning briefings followed by Happy hour. Whilst Happy hour is happening, the Foremast start to weigh anchor. Once underway all hands are
called on deck to loose the sail.

All’s Well.

Hauling on the sheet


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  1. Following the fantastic journey by your webcam…hope you saw some great rock art. Looking out for Ross Ashton everyday…have you made him walk the plank? 😉
    Love his wife, Jeannine

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