Day 7 Darwin – Broome

Early furling session

Latitude; 13°46.8’S

Longitude; 126°41.3’E

Distance run in the last 24 hrs; 119.2NM

Average speed; 4.9 KN

Shortly after lunch we are required to wear ship to head towards our way point, which will eventually lead us to Bigge Island. Bigge Island is our next planned anchorage where we will hope to go ashore and explore the unique, rough and rugged terrain which has some very special indigenous art work and sacred areas. The indigenous rock art was created in the cave walls at Wary Bay by the Wunambal people. The paintings are examples of first contact art and Wandjina figures. The first contact, relates to the first time the indigenous people encountered the European explorers. The Wandjina figures are the Wunambi, Worrorra and Ngarinyin peoples, creator beings of the Dreamings and that they made their world and all that it contains.

It is an exceptionally dark night tonight and due to our time change into Western Australia the sun is setting earlier and the sun rise is earlier. The sun rise throws an illusion this morning as it rises in the East but throws an almighty amount of light to the West where it is brightly shining off the land. The sea is also slight, even though the wind is blowing 15 knots which is uncommon. The land looks incredible with its red, rock, ruggedness and then illuminated with the vibrant, orange and red cast from the rising sun. Just to make the morning even more astounding, there is a pod of Whales close off our port side, which reappear an hour later of our Starboard side as we come in to approach our anchorage.

Cape Chateaurenaud, Bigge Island

We drop the anchor in Wary Bay at 1000 but it doesn’t take long for the anchor to drag, meaning that it is not secure on the bottom. We pick up the anchor, move slightly off and drop it again, but again it drags. We start to heave the anchor up again to find it coated in a thick clay like substance, which would make it apparent as to why it is not holding. Realising
that it is not going to be a suitable anchorage with the current wind blowing at 28 knots, SExE we move the ship around the North East of Bigge Island towards Cape Chateaurenaud, where we will be in the lee of the Island. It is much more sheltered in this Bay with some beautiful beaches and rock formations. We drop the anchor again. Today is also a very special day, Captain Ross’s Birthday… or judgement day.

All’s well.

On approach to anchorage


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  1. After recalling the passport incident; I wonder what is in store for the captain today? Mind you, a pointer to all- it’s a long voyage. So be careful!

  2. Hope you get to spot a Monjon, Ilangnalya or a Northern Quoll. Amazing places you guys are exploring. Stay safe. Regards to Alan Williams from a mate in Sharjah, UAE. Happy Birthday Captain Ross.

  3. Can someone please tell me what time the webcam airs? I am from the United States and want to check in! Thanks!

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