Day 6 Darwin – Broome

Lucy concentrating on the pitch

Latitude; 13°41.8’S

Longitude; 126°30.5’E

Distance run in the last 15hrs; 76.8NM

Average speed; 5.12 KN

By afternoon we are sailing along between 7-8 knots and there is just that bit too much pressure on the Main T’gallant with the current wind speed. We decide to hand the sail but when it comes to stowing and furling it is a little bit more complex with the T’Gallant as there are no buntlines. Buntlines are the lines that attach to the footropes of the square sail which when hauled spill the wind out of the sail and make furling much more manageable. Our approach to overcome the sail filling with the wind, is to bear the ship away so the crew aloft can handle the sail easier and get it furled on to the yard. As the afternoon goes on the crystal turquoise water changes dramatically into a creamy murky brown, even though we are still 30 Nautical miles offshore, it just goes to show the strength of the tides in the area.

Unsecuring the anchor cable

After dinner we start handing sail as we approach our way point for coming into Napier Broome Bay where we plan to anchor for the night. The reason for anchoring in Napier Broome Bay is that if we continue on we are approaching very strong tidal currents, hazards and sand banks in the dark. This area is quite challenging even sailing with full vision of daylight. We
are safely anchored by 2356 and unfortunately for the Mizzenmast they have to carry out an extra 30 minutes on watch tonight as we change the ships time by 30 minutes for the next three nights to comply with Western Australia time zone.

In the morning we all get breakfast and then start to heave up the anchor before any morning briefings or happy hour. We are going to sail off the anchor as we have the perfect conditions to do so. By 0920 the anchor is aweigh and we are setting sails, it is a matter of minutes before we are underway and we are reaching speeds again of 7-8 knots which just makes the morning.

All’s well.

Setting the sails coming off the anchorage