Day 4 Darwin – Broome

Bosun Drew checking out the rig

Latitude; 13°01.1’S

Longitude; 129°14.0’E

Distance run in the last 24hrs; 65NM

Average speed; 2.7KN

After a truly magnificent lunch cooked up by new chef Nigel and chef’s mate Eddie it is back on deck to wait for the wind. There is huge sea snake spotted off the starboard side but it doesn’t hang around for too long as it takes a dive.

There is a busy afternoon planned with much work being carried out on deck. Captain Ross is touching up some of the pitch on deck, Ally is working on wiring some electrical lights, Bosun Drew and Bosun’s mate Darbey are preparing to put a mild acid on the deck for a thorough deck scrub and we are preparing some of the crew to help us with the upkeep of the
Cutlasses (a small sword which is on display in museum mode).

It is not long until there is a number of crew working very hard to get all the decks scrubbed immaculately, which is tough work in this temperature. Everyone welcomes the deck wash, as even the deck is even too hot to stand in one spot in bare feet for too long. Usually you see people gather to sit in the sun, but this afternoon it is hard to find a shady area as everyone takes for cover. Once the deck wash is completed it is time for all those that have worked hard to cool off under the hose, even some of the professional crew who might not want to cool off, get cooled off.

The evening brings a still calm sunset followed by a small pod of whales off the port side. We are still patiently waiting for the wind but looking at the weather synopsis chart it should reach us by 0930 tomorrow morning.

The night is mainly a quiet one, we wear ship at 1830 as we come close to Peron Island North and head further NW to meet the wind in the morning. We don’t make great way or great speed but very gently sail along.

By morning there is more of a slight breeze, but all is still relatively still and calm. We decide to get the T’Gallant’s and the spritsail set. By 0800 the wind speed has doubled in the hour and we are finally sailing at 6 knots which gradually builds and by 1100 we are sailing at 8knots and are fast approaching the border into Western Australia.

All’s well.

Polishing the cutlasses

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