Day 3 Darwin – Broome

Ally blowing his Birthday cake out

Latitude; 12°54.5’S

Longitude; 129°59.4’E

Distance run in the last 24hrs; 84.5NM

Average speed; 3.52 KN

It is a beautiful afternoon the only downside is there is no wind. We decide to get on with some maintenance and get some of the wood work sanded back for repainting. The bosun Drew and bosuns mate Darbey decide to hose down the anchor cable and the area in where it has been laid due to having been anchored in a muddy bottom. This seems like the perfect opportunity to take advantage of Ally’s 30th Birthday. Drew tricks Ally into coming on deck, by saying he has a rigging question, once on deck Ross and Drew get a firm hold of him, while Darbey and Victoria come at him with the hose. Before long the majority of the crew are hosed down by Ally seeking revenge, it is well worth it!

It is a hot, still night, but at 1815 there is good news, as an announcement is made to say that we are now sailing and the engine has been cut. Admittedly we are not going at any great speed, but sometimes that is not always the necessity it is just nice to have the silence and to be sailing. The night brings back the glorious star filled skies where it is almost uncommon not to spot a satellite or shooting star. I have missed these nights since being in port.


Amy and Lucy hauling on the tack for the Main Course


The morning shows signs of yet another beautiful day but again with a distinct lack of wind. The usual ships routine takes place this morning and then after happy hour it is all hands on deck to set a lot of sail. It is pretty common up in the Northern Territories for the trade winds to be still in the morning and pick up in the afternoon. So we all have all the squares set and our fingers crossed for the wind this afternoon.

All’s well.

The crew happy to be setting sail

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  1. Happy Birthday Ally, caught the 7.30 report tonight and had wonderful memories flood back. Thanks for the flow of info Ellie.
    Wishing smooth seas and fair winds. Michael White (Mizzen # 10, Townsville – Cairns)

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