Day 2 Darwin – Broome

Gangway being lifted off by craneDarwin crowds

Latitude; 12°18.4’S

Longitude; 130°53.5’E

Distance run in 6hrs; 25.9NM

Average speed; 4.3KN

After lunch there is much more training happening, as the watches rotate from learning the brain and brawn system on the helm, to having a safety talk about aloft which includes testing everyone’s upper body strength and then finally climbing aloft. The heat is pounding down but everyone is doing well to maintain their concentration. At 1500 a crane arrives to dismantle the complicated gangway that has been constructed to accommodate the variable tides. Firstly our rescue boat, which has been for a routine service, is placed carefully back into the water by the crane, followed by the gangway being lifted on to the wharf.

Shortly after dinner, the preparations begin for us to depart Darwin. Just as I am walking up the companionway I hear the sound of bagpipes and I am pretty dumbfounded to see how many people are accumulating on the wharf to see us off and then the sight of a full marching bagpipe band playing, which is sensational.

Darwin crowds

Once the pilot is onboard we start to loose the lines with the head and stern line first, which lead to the wharf, followed by the breast lines and finally the spring lines. It is imperative that everything is done in the correct order as there is no room for error. Captain Ross eases the vessel back astern to where there is minimal room to gently turn her out. All goes to plan
as we slowly exit the entrance to the wharf where we have so much support. We show our appreciation with a cannon fire that lights up the night sky and echo’s with an almighty boom. It is a good final memory to have of such a special place.

We anchor off shoal bay for the night arriving at 2300 and then maintain the anchor watch for the rest of the night. By morning everyone is trying to get back into ships routine, which includes the professional crew having had time off. At the professional crew meeting it comes to light that it is second officer Ally’s Birthday, which is much to his dismay, knowing how we all enjoy celebrating special Birthdays onboard, in a special way. We get the ship in ship shape this morning with everyone experiencing their first happy hour.

Just before we start to heave up the anchor we have a mandatory muster practice to ensure everyone is comfortable with where they are to muster in an emergency situation. As we start to heave up there is silence as we sail of the anchorage with the staysails set, this is rare to do for the first time with new crew. However it doesn’t take us too long to realise that if we want to leave shoal Bay any time soon we are going to need some engine assistance.

All’s well.

Securing the anchor

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  1. Great coverage keep it up. Extremely interested in the voyage Darwin to Broome as my husband Stewart is on board.

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