Day 1 Darwin – Broome

Engineer Wally preparing the ship for departure

The crew are all back together after spending two weeks in port and all having had some leave. Many enjoyed the beautiful attractions in and around Darwin such as Kakadu or Lichefield and made the most of their time off. It feels like some time has past since being onboard and preparing the ship for sea, as the last time we had to pack down the museum was in Cairns
over a month ago.

It is going to be hard to leave such a beautiful area, but there is an air of excitement as we are about to set out on our next journey along the Kimberly coast, which is rumoured to be very special.

Museum pack day is always very busy, but today we are exceptionally busy. We are taking supplies onboard to last us up until 4th October, which is when we will arrive into Geraldton as we only have a very short 2 day period between voyages in Broome and Exmouth.

We have our afternoon tea to say a big thank you to all those involved with assisting the ship in Darwin, mainly the volunteers and port authorities. It is a welcomed break for most of the crew as we struggle to adjust to working in the heat again. The supplies come in three deliveries, meat, fruit & veg and finally the dry stores. Unfortunately for us when the
supplies arrive we are at low tide and also have a steep gangway to contend with it seems never ending as the supplies keep coming and coming.

In the morning all are bright eyed and bushy tailed to greet the new crew and get them briefed and ready for their voyage. The crew are signed in at 0900 and are shortly onboard and having the formal introductions. We are not going to be leaving the wharf in Darwin until 1900 due to the very variable tides here and so we are waiting for the high tide.

The new crew hanging around

Although maybe a bit hot, the crew are looking surprisingly adjusted and clued up by lunch time. We even have our first dolphin spot at lunch and we haven’t even left the wharf.

All’s well.

2 thoughts on “Day 1 Darwin – Broome

  1. Captain Ross and crew HMB Endeavour,

    How big is the tidal range up there at the moment?

    Charlie Jensen

  2. Charlie, at the moment just off spring tides we are experiencing 7 meter tides!

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