Day 11 Thursday Island – Darwin

Bracing the main Course as we come into Essington

Latitude; 11°20.2’S

Longitude; 132°11.0’E

Distance run in the last 2hrs; 8.2NM

Average speed; 4.1KN

The deck is busy this afternoon as the sun is shining and the views become picturesque as we approach Port Essington.  Just before we get inside the mouth, Kingsley haul’s up another large Spanish mackerel that will easily feed the crew.  When we get in the Bay you can see why the British would have thought it would make a good settlement because of the
shelter and it is also an idyllic setting to the eye.

We approach our anchorage with careful precision and drop the anchor at Minto Bay which is one nautical mile from the settlement, however after a few minutes it becomes apparent that the anchor is not setting and is dragging. We heave the anchor up and change the location into slightly deeper water in the hope that the bottom is not a fine slimy mud, like the first attempt. But once again the anchor doesn’t take and drags. We head closer to the mouth at Barrow Bay where the water is much deeper and where we know there is a sandy bottom. We drop the anchor for a third time and thankfully it holds.

Tonight we are undertaking the basic anchor watch which enables us all to catch up on some well-deserved sleep. We have got the deck lights on tonight, which attracts the smaller fish, which in turn attract the larger marine life such as; crabs, Garfish, small sea snakes and bronze whaler sharks.

In the morning the weather is calm and all is very still. It is a beautiful sight when stepping up on to deck this morning. Then the sun starts to rise, it casts an intense hazy red on the horizon and leaving the trees blacked out as silhouettes, the sea then mirror’s the view in the reflection. It is the most spectacular sunrise I have seen since we left Sydney and instantly sets the tone for the day.

Sunrise at Essington

After the morning meeting we set to getting everyone ashore to visit the settlement. It is unfortunately a long boat ride as we had to anchor further away as we intended. The sea is calm making it a pleasant boat journey.

All’s well.

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  1. Pleased to see Mark has caught a fish-this may limit Jeremy’s ridicule. James Cook regularly “hauled the sean” while in the Endeavour River and evenly fed all 90 odd crew 1 pound of fish a day. Stay happy n healthy. Thanks again for the great voyage n Best Wishes especially to my topman Natalie from Alan Williams( MM4 Cns to T.I.)

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