Day 10 Thursday Island – Darwin

Peter and his Birthday cake

Latitude; 11°08.0’S

Longitude; 132°06.1’E

Distance run in the last 24hrs; 111.6NM

Average speed; 4.65KN

By 1215 the anchor is secured to the ship and we are motoring our way out of the Bay. We are going to be sailing for a day until we reach our next intended anchorage at Port Victoria, or otherwise known as Essington.

Essington was an area of British settlement, but was first explored by Peter Pieterzoon who sailed around the Cobourg Peninsula as early as 1636. The British impulsively settled there because of the prospect of a rival French settlement. They set up in 1824 but only lasted four years due to a number of problems such as, monsoonal weather, voracious wildlife, scurvy,
tropical diseases and lack of fresh supplies.

The British then shockingly decide to try and re-settle there again, only ten years later even though the previous attempt had been so majorly unsuccessful. This time it lasted 10 years and was used exclusively by the Royal Marines but the conditions of living were rough and tough for the Europeans. The settlement site has remained intact for over 100 years and the
ruins of the cottages can still be explored, which is what are plans are.

A game of Twister at sea

Once we get out of the shelter of the Bay there is a moderate Easterly swell and at 1900 we get a bit of a rogue wave hit the starboard side, sending a wave over the deck and giving a few people a bit of a wet shock.

At 0010 we need to wear ship and so the Mizzenmast have an extended watch to help the Foremast handle the sails. Then at 0320 a squall is picked up on the radar and so the Foremast watch hand the Fore Topsail before the squall hits. The squall passes through at 0400 bringing with it light showers and winds gushing up to 20 knots.

After the nights activities and the moderate swell there are some blurry eyed crew this morning at breakfast. It is a nice fresh morning and the sun is shining. After the morning meeting the first sighting of land is made. We are due to be anchoring at 1500 this afternoon.

All’s well.


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  1. Gooday Endeavour crew. Sounds as though everyone has been having a ball which makes us land lubbers just that bit envious. The events of the last few days have no doubt added interest and excitement. Have noticed you appear to have been running ahead of schedule and will be interested to see how you fill in the time ’til your scheduled arrival in the big D. Best wishes to all & love to Julia. DC

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