Day 8 Thursday Island – Darwin

Smiles aloft

Latitude; 11°09.0’S

Longitude; 132°39.0’E

Distance run in the last 24 hrs; 121NM

Average speed; 5.04KN

After lunch the antics for Lucy’s 21st Birthday continues. We are unable to follow the tradition that we usually do for the professional crew; this is due to the large number of sharks and crocodiles in this area. So Captain Ross settles with a bucket of sea water and some flour. Much to his dismay Lucy retaliates as she has a handful of tar from cleaning the windless.

Amy the bosun is busy today, as she is bending the alternative cable onto the anchor. Bending is a method that is used to

Tomo flaking the halyard

connect a sail or in this circumstance it is attaching the cable to the anchor. It involves taking a turns around the anchor ring and then doing a hitch back onto itself and finishing it off with two seizing on the tail back to the standing end. It sounds fairly straight forward however it is required to be done outboard sitting on the top of the anchor and working with cable that is 4.5 inch thick. It is a time consuming process that takes skill and patience. It is made a bit more enjoyable for Amy when she has a visit from dolphins on the bow.

This afternoon Mark gives a tour around the engine room and gives a talk about the need for the 21st century aspect of Endeavour. Firstly he talks about the different systems, then talks about how they work and why they are required onboard.

The night brings a sky of stars and a sea of bioluminescence calm seas and steady winds, a perfect night. The morning brings a stunning sunrise and it is a day of celebration again as Myti turns 21. Today we are looking at anchoring off Croker Island and should arrive at lunch time. Just before lunch we start to hand sail as we approach our anchorage.

All’s well.

deep in thought