Day 7 Thursday Island – Darwin

Julie during tacking

Latitude; 11°26.2’S

Longitude; 134°38.2’E

Distance run in the last 24hrs; 129.2NM

Average speed; 5.4KN

Ross gives a lecture just before lunch, talking about sail handling and discussing the concept behind tacking. Endeavour struggles to tack due to her shape, however it is always a challenge and rewarding to try, so that is what we do after lunch.

Everybody goes to their bracing station and stands by, Captain Ross shouts out that when ready, we will be easing braces and sheets on starboard side and hauling away on port side. We have Ant on the foredeck calling to foremast and the fore deck and Ross standing by the helm calling to main mast and mizzen mast. We have the right conditions as the wind is blowing
consistently and steady at 15 knots. The call comes to ‘take your coils down to one turn’ then the next call comes, ‘helms a lee,’ this is when all the action starts. The call’s come in order and everybody reacts accordingly to their command. She starts to manoeuvre into the wind at a fair speed, but once the wind is on the port bow she slows her pace down, but still continues to gently push through then finally she makes it round and completes the tack. Then the call from the Captain comes to stand by to tack ship again ‘why?’ because we can. This time it is the opposite tack so we will be hauling on starboard side and easing on port side. The second attempt she stall’s and we resume positions to try again. It is third time lucky, as she makes the tack.

After the excitement of tacking it is time to carry out some daily maintenance. Today we are going to be scraping the deck and cleaning the windlass from the tar of the anchor cable. Hopefully this will be the last time that this maintenance will be required to be done for some time.

Tonight there are a few of us busy plotting and scheming for Upperyardsman Lucy’s 21st Birthday; we want to make sure it is a day she doesn’t forget…

In the morning Lucy receives a special package with a letter from the Captain. In the package is a beautiful lace dress that the crew have provided for her as her Birthday treat, there is also a sign for her to wear around her neck so everybody is aware of her special day.

Lucy in her Birthday dress (nothing to do with Drew)

During the second sitting of breakfast there is an announcement that Mark the engineer has finally caught a fish. His first fish since…. I can’t even remember it was such a long time ago. It is nothing of great proportion but it is just nice to see that smile back on his face.

All’s well

Mark with his catch of the day, no week, no month

4 thoughts on “Day 7 Thursday Island – Darwin

  1. Julie, Tacking is a serious job by the looks!!!
    seems as though everyone is having a great time
    the ship under full sail yesterday looked amazing.
    Peter & Jan

  2. A photo of Julie! Well done whoever got her distracted with the tacking. Keep enjoying that sailing – looks like a great adventure. BC.

  3. Lucy rejected dresses from the age of two! Drew was spot on with that lace number she looks like a princess!
    Her Mum x

  4. Chris Kelly says:

    Good on you Lucy.The lace frock was perfect.Drew has very good taste.
    Drews mum x

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