Day 6 Thursday Island – Darwin

Man overboard drill

Latitude; 11°00.6’S

Longitude; 136°38.8’E

Distance run in the last 24hrs; 137.4

Average speed; 5.7KN

The sun is shining and we are on a mission to set a lot of sails, by 1400 the only sail not set is the Main topmast Staysail. We have good prevailing winds giving the ship an average speed of 5-6knots which is perfect sailing. At 1430 Captain Ross and 1st Officer Dirk carelessly decide to play catch on deck with Oscar the ball, it is not long before the wind catches him and he goes overboard. The Man overboard alarm is sounded as a drill and the crew precede to their stations to hand the sail and launch the rescue boat. It doesn’t take long before poor Oscar the ball is just a speck on the horizon.

Ally and Amy are the designated rescue boat drivers and so they get themselves ready will all the necessary equipment to recover Oscar. Once the rescue boat is back I head out and get some photos of the ship in full sail doing 6 knots, she looks fantastic but the swell out in the gulf is pretty unpredictable so it is a wet bumpy journey.


Sailing at 6 knots


At 1630 Dirk makes an announcement that we are approaching the line where we will be leaving sunny Queensland behind and crossing into the Northern territories. We are also the furthest offshore we have been since leaving Sydney for the circumnavigation at 150 NM. For some such as Mark the engineer, this is the furthest that he has been offshore.

Not long after waking up, the first spot of land is sighted by James. It is Wessel Islands. By 1030 we are at the North of the North Island and going around the Cape.

All’s Well.

Entering the Northern Territory

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  1. Pardon me mentioning it but is poor old Oscar stilll treading water and bobbing around? You seem to have changed the subject rather quickly Ellie. Missing you all. Michael (Mizzen #10 – Townsvile – Cairns)

  2. A Manx man, Mark Cavendish, donned the Green Jersey on winning the final sprint stage of The Tour de France.

  3. Sounds and looks like an amazing adventure! I’ve been following this journey with passion and would love to join one of the upcoming ones!
    With you in my thoughts and dreams, Dave! Anja

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