Day 4 Thursday Island – Darwin

Patrick on the helm

Latitude; 11°42.8’S

Longitude; 139°51.2’E

Distance run in the last 24 hrs; 74.9NM

Average speed; 3.1KN

After a fantastic lunch the crew set to up aloft and loose the Main and Fore Topgallants as we had hoped. Shortly after they are set, we are not going at the speed that we had hoped but we are still cruising along. There is another call for Kingsley to go on the aft deck as he has another fish on the line. When the fish is closer to the surface we can see that it is
another Spanish mackerel, however this one is a lot bigger. As the fish is being pulled in we spot a shark closely following the ship, there was a moment of panic that he might reach the fish before we do. It takes Kingsley about 10 minutes to land the fish on deck. It is huge, length wise it is about 4ft and about 20 kilo. Mark the engineer stands close by observing the whole procedure.

The heat is intense this afternoon and there are some interesting tan lines starting to appear. The wind dies down as the day draws on, it isn’t long before we stow the topgallants before we loose the sunlight. The sun sets and gives us a nice pink twilight, which then develops into another stunning night; there are plenty more satellites spotted this evening and many
more shooting stars. There was even some more space junk brightening the night sky as it crashed to earth.

Bouncy explaining how to brace

The morning is overcast and much cooler to our relief; the wind has also increased. It doesn’t take us long before we have both the Topgallants set. There is a sea snake spotted of the starboard side, which is a little bizarre as we are quite far offshore. Ross finishes the morning off with a lecture on 18th century sailing.

All’s well.

7 thoughts on “Day 4 Thursday Island – Darwin

  1. Hi King, mackeral looks amazing! Are you just the catcher or have you been able to show your culinary skills as well? Not sure if the mackeral would fit in my oven but when you are in Gove, I’m sure you will be able to test your skills out again.

  2. Good on ya Kingsley, you’ve obviously inspired Engineer Mark in the finer points of fishing!!
    Have a great voyage…………Regards, David Jefferies, Retied Crew Mainmast 1, Cairns to Thursday Island.

  3. Where are all the photos from Cairns to Thursday Island? Can these be posted?

    • They are going to take a few days to get uploaded, we had problems with our 3G connection at Thursday Island and so I have sent them to the museum to be uploaded. I will email everyone shortly with the link to the photo’s.

  4. Hi Kingsley
    i always said you were a great catch!!
    great to hear of the fun and fishing success on the trip
    wish you were home cooking that fish for me!!
    enjoying the daily blog
    love Geraldine

  5. Hi Peter hope you are having a great time, I here the fishing is good.
    Can they put some photoes on the sight? Hope your bed is what you expected.
    Mum, Kate and Kelly say hi, talk soon Love from all =)

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