Day 2 Thursday Island – Darwin

Anais observing her watch during training

After lunch we start with up and overs. It is important that the crew are fully aware of the procedure and that they are fitted with correct sized harnesses, which the second mate Ally issues. It is all imperative that the crew know how to wear the harnesses correctly and that they can use their safety clips one handed, as it is vital to maintain three points of contact
while aloft. Then the first mate Dirk takes the watch to discuss safety aloft and the importance that the harness isn’t to be relied on, it is there for life insurance.  Ant the third mate then
supervises the crew while on deck and the upperyardsman and the topman assist them over the futtocks ladder.


George on his bracing station


This morning we wake to a promising sunrise, and the crew all talk about their first nights experience sleeping in a hammock. Some slept well, others didn’t and some chose to sleep on the floor. The ships routine took place as we went through the usual schedule of the meeting and then the first Happy hour of the voyage. We then did a muster drill which went to plan
quickly, calmly and everybody mustered in their correct watch at their correct life raft. The last formal training is for the watches to learn where their bracing stations are and more importantly how to brace. This is for when all hands are called on deck and we are required to tack quickly and smoothly. The sun is shining with few clouds in the sky, making it a very hot day.

The last preparation we need to do before we leave Thursday Island and head out to sea, is to bring the rescue boat back onboard. We connect the yard tackle and got the Mainmast to haul on the yard tackle falls to life the rescue boat up and then the Foremast tend to the bow and stern line to bring the rescue boat inboard, before finally the yard tackle is eased and
the boat is placed into its cradle and secured.

All’s well.

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  1. Congratulation to all on rounding the Tip! and escaping the Barrier Reef!
    USS George is prowling the NT waters, may not know how to handle a wooden ship?

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