Day 1 Thursday Island – Darwin

We wake to a grey overcast day however the wind has eased. It is, as always an early, busy start on joining day. As we are not alongside we have got an adventure ahead of us before we even get the voyage crew onboard. We have to take the rescue boat to Horn Island, to then catch a ferry to Thursday Island, to check the new crew in and from there we will then get
another ferry to take us directly back to the ship. All goes to plan and we are all safely checked in and on the ferry back to the ship by 0940.


Nat briefing the crew on the harness


Once onboard it is back to the ships routine of joining day, one group is taken off to stow their gear, another group have the safety briefing on the quarter deck with second mate Ally and the final group are having the ships guided tour. Due to the irregular tides and the tidal strength & speed we decide that we are best staying anchored off Thursday Island for tonight and then proceed tomorrow at the best tidal opportunity, which isn’t until 1330. This gives the crew a good day and a half of training and familiarisation before heading to sea.

We would just like to take this opportunity to thank Sea Swift for all their assistance; we really can’t thank you enough for all your valuable help. We would also like to thank McDonald ferry services, especially Daniel and his family, you have been most accommodating and again we don’t know what we would have done without your assistance with everything. Finally we would just like to thank all the people of Thursday Island, for your fantastic Island hospitality and making our short stay most pleasurable.

All’s Well.


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  1. Hi Endeavour Crew. Just wanted to say “Hazzar” as you all as you turn to port and leave the East coast in your wake and onto the Northern legs of the Voyage…From John ( BNE to GLD) MM4

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