Day 9 Cairns – Thursday Island

The crew ashore Possession Island

Latitude; 10°36.2’S

Longitude; 142°23.5’E

Distance run in the last 2.20; 10.2NM

Average speed; 4.6KN

As the crew start heading ashore to Possession Island the time capsule is left on deck. There is an array of items being placed in such as, coins, letters, photos and boarding cards. The plaque becomes a big team effort with Darbey and Mark doing the carpentry side, Amy and Drew doing the whipping for a rope trimming, Mark burning the writing in and finally Peter doing a sketch of the ship and Cook. For what was supposed to be a quick plaque it is a pretty impressive piece of work.

When we reach the Island we shuffle our feet along the sand as the boys have spotted some rays while doing the boat runs. There is a strange atmosphere on the Island; it has a real sense of loneliness. I can only imagine it is because, it is a barren, dry land and there is a lot of rubbish washed up on the shore. There is also an old temporary shack, bench and hammock
that look as though it was deserted a long time ago.

We find a suitable tree and hang the plaque and at the base of the tree we place our time capsule. We ask everyone getting off the boat to bring a couple of rocks each to create a protective mound over the capsule. The one thing I was keen to investigate was the mutant ant hills, when I previously wrote in the blog that they were 4-5ft in height I was incorrect they are more
like 12ft.

The plaque on Possession Island

We have decided that due to our timescale to arrive in Thursday Island that we are going to bring the Sod’s Opera forward a day so that we can enjoy it all the more. As always we have a superb meal created by the very talented chefs, Jeremy and Eddie. We have Frank as the MC for tonight’s entertainment as per always there is the weird, the wonderful and just the plain bizarre. I think the weird award goes to Mainmast with the snore orchestra production, although strangely it worked and was highly entertaining. The bizarre has to go to the Foremast with their adaption of ‘Star Trekking Across The Universe’.. I still haven’t quite got my head around that one. The wonderful goes to a couple of performances, the two poetry recitals one by Chris and the other by Peter and Mike. I also look forward to the 2012 Cookie awards ceremony.  It was a fantastic Sod’s performance.

In the morning the wind seems to have eased slightly. We heave the anchor up at 1030 after the voyage crew meeting and then set to, for Happy hour to get the ship in ship shape.

All’s well

The ship from Possession island

4 thoughts on “Day 9 Cairns – Thursday Island

  1. Hi Daddy,
    Sounds like a fun night coming up, thinking of you everyday, it has been very cold the last couple of days.
    Love you
    The LYNDS

  2. When you said, ‘…a sketch of the ship and Cook’ I thought you meant Geezah for a minute…

  3. Went ashore on Bastille Day too! That’ll give the Frenchies something to think about.

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