Day 8 Cairns – Thursday Island

Deep in thought as we pass Cape York

Latitude; 10°44.2’S

Longitude; 142°22.8’E

Distance run in the last 6hrs; 27.4NM

Average speed; 4.5kn

Our next destination is Possession Island, the Island where Cook believed he could see a clear passage from New Holland where he could leave and proceed into the Indian Ocean. Cook had reached the Northern Cape of the East coast and knew he could not make any new discoveries on the Eastern coast.  He had in the Name of his Majesty taken possession of several places upon the coast and once again he hoisted and flew the English colours in the name of his majesty King George the third, who had now possession of the whole Eastern coast from the above latitude down to New South Wales.

As we heave up the anchor and get underway the sun is shining and the wind is bellowing through the sails. Shortly after lunch we are nearing Cape York peninsular and so all crew are on deck poised with their cameras ready for the shot of the most Northern peninsular of Australia. As we approach Possession Island there is a certain eeriness about it. I ask what the
large 4-5ft mounds are and someone replies that they are ant hills. The currents are ripping through against the wind and creating very powerful confused tides running at 4-5knots. The land is barren and dry with relatively low lands. We abandon the first anchor attempt due to the strength and force of the currents and revert to finding shelter in the next bay along, where although the currents are strong the anchorage is more stable.

The Foremast bracing the yard

In the morning we have a cunning plan, we are unable to reach the monument on the Island due to the rip tides and distance, so we decide to create our own monument to place on Possession Island. Darbey and Mark set to, to make a plaque while the crew get some items together to create a time capsule. We only have three hours before the tides change against us and so we set to, to make our own mark on Possession Island.

All’s well

The plaque for Possession Island having the finishing touches

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  1. Can we have the link to the webcam? I can’t find it anywhere…want to see you all working hard real time! scrub the decks…

  2. Thanks! I’ll be on today – make sure there is no lazing about. I can tell it’s just one big holiday. Get whoever that is in Banks cabin working!

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