Day 6 Cairns – Thursday Island

Dirk naming the buoys

Latitude; 11°21.2’S

Longitude; 142°55.1’E

Distance run in the last 24hrs; 144.4NM

Average speed; 6.01KN

After the buoys have been deployed, Endeavour keeps her speed on average 6-7 knots which is incredible as this is the fastest I have seen her sail for such a long duration. Just after midday we approach the channel for the second three mile entrance. Before us and on either side is the reef, we can see the waves pummelling and smashing on the reef with such almighty force. Although the entrance is three miles wide to see such breakers puts us all on edge. Everyone quietly watches the forces of nature and the feeling of respect of the strength of the sea and wind combined. It is a scene that will stay with me for a long time. Once through the reef the swell eases however the navigation is still very taxing, as there are still many concealed shoals in these waters.

The breakers on the reef

Although the swell decreases the winds are still blowing 20-25 knots, keeping Endeavour sailing at a very healthy speed of 7 knots. After last night there are many blurry eyed crew members, as the mild gentle rock to sleep had become quite a pronounced roll, something that many of us haven’t experienced in a long time. In light of the sleep deprived crew the afternoon is kept with basic maintenance while others catch up on the precious sleep.

On deck tonight the Topman Kyle and cook’s mate Eddie provide us with some light hearted sea shanties which is welcomed by the tired and weary, as some light entertainment.

We wake to overcast skies and the fresh wind is still prevalent. The overcast skies clear around 1030 and the scenery is sparse, as we sail close to the coast. It appears mainly as low lands with white sand dunes. The sea bottom must be sand, as when the sun comes out and hits the sea, the colour is a beautiful, tropical turquois. Even with just the one sail set, the Fore topsail we are still steaming along at 6 knots.

All’s Well.

6 thoughts on “Day 6 Cairns – Thursday Island

  1. Morning William Rogers,
    I am enjoying following your progress, try and get your head into a photo or two will you! I’m sure your having a ball.
    Thinking of you and Love you mostest
    Little One

  2. The rolling night sounded perfect in a hammock! Lucky you mum… Haven’t managed to watch the webcam yet will do today so smile! Jodi

    • Thank you everyone for your comments, just to let you know I am posting copies of them on the notice board so all the crew can read and know that you are closely following our progress. We are having a fantastic time, with incredible sailing and it is a beautiful remote area up here.

  3. Hi Tim,

    from the satelite image it looks like you have been anchored off a lovely Island beach for a little while. Hope you are having a great time. Try not to become croc food if you go for a swim!! I’ll watch out for you on the webcam today.



  4. Hi Tod,
    We are following your progress on the blog, looks like a great sail plenty of wind, a great adventure. We are looking out for you on the webcam and photos so try to get in shot. Most of all have fun and create magical memories.
    love M & D

  5. Ahoy there sailors, Warwick, Dad and Dirk,
    Looks like you are having lots of fun! I bet you’ll have so many stories to tell us on your return and a sea shanty or two.. “What are we going to do with the drunken sailor…” Sorry thats our glass of wine singing.
    I hope you haven’t hit your heads too many times or fallen out of the hammocks.. your poor cramped legs.
    Enjoy the last few sunsets at sea.

    Shannan S & Melissa T x x

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