Voyage Stories: Volunteering in Cairns

Meet Shane Trimby, who volunteered as a guide onboard HMB Endeavour while in port at Cairns. We asked him about his time onboard Endeavour.

Shane Trimby Volunteer Guide Cairns

Shane Trimby, Volunteer Guide onboard HMB Endeavour in Cairns

Which port did you volunteer at?
Cairns, North Queensland

What made you want to volunteer on the ship?
Actually, I heard about the circumnavigation that HMB Endeavour was doing and thought that I would like to do that. I found out that I couldn’t make the time or had the money to go onboard and I noticed that you could volunteer as a guide, I deal with the public everyday in my job and thought it would be a great experience.

Have you done anything like this before?
No, I have never been a “guide” before, for anything and nor have I ever spoken publicly about the Endeavour. I found the training by the crew of Endeavour great and the “Blue Book” invaluable. Anyone thinking about volunteering need not worry, you will be well educated to be a guide.

What was your first impression of Endeavour?
Amazed that 94 souls set sail on her… All the crew were very friendly. Onboard it was like stepping back in time, the smells, the timber and all the rigging etc. I couldn’t believe how cramped the crew mess and marines quarters were.

What was your role as a volunteer?
I was stationed at different positions, quarter deck, fore deck, officers mess, officers quarters, great cabin , top of ladder, bottom of ladder and cloaking… generally telling the story of what area I was in and dealing with the needs and questions of the public that were visiting Endeavour in Cairns.
What was the best thing about your experience onboard Endeavour? And what was the worst?
I actually didn’t have a “worst” problem, except I didn’t have more time personally to volunteer more often… One of the best things I heard was a little boy asked me “if the side cannons fired knives and forks like Captain Jack Sparrow?” I loved explaining life on the Endeavour to the public.

Did you learn anything new while onboard Endeavour?
Heaps!!! I learned a lot about the Endeavour, Cook and his crew, the voyage and lots of other sailing references that I didn’t know.

What’s your advice for anyone considering being a volunteer?
Just do it. You will love it, the crew will help you with your knowledge of the Endeavour and it will be something that you will never regret doing.
Would you do it again?
Yes, at a blink of an eye.

We would like to thank Shane for his generous contribution to the HMB Endeavour Circumnavigation Project.

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