Departing Cairns

Please note that Endeavour will be leaving Cairns on the 7th July at 1000, please feel free to come down and bid the ship Farewell.

6 thoughts on “Departing Cairns

  1. Captain Ross and the crew of HMB Endeavour,
    I hear there are a few reefs in front of you you may need to look out for.
    My informant tells me there is one at approx. Lat.15*47’00S, Long.213* 53’00W which is particularly tricky.
    All the best winds and see you in Hobart.

  2. Captain Ross,
    Is there anywhere along the coast between Cairns and Port Douglas that we can view the Endeavour under full sail as she makes her way to Cooktown?

  3. You might want to check the Web Cam, it is streaming what looks like to me the deck….

  4. Hi Pirate Beatle, thanks for getting in touch.

    We also noticed this. The ON button was switched on a little early. We’re currently preparing the ship for our departure tomorrow and the webcam has been reinstalled for the journey, but not mounted as yet. Hence the strange view. If you tune in during the voyage, you’ll get a more interesting view of the ship.

    Carli – Endeavour Team.

  5. Hi Charlie, thanks for the tip. Hopefully we’ll have better luck than Cook.

    Hi Lizzie, it is a really hard one to answer as it is all dependant on the wind…we will 8 Nautical miles off the coast which is a bit far for the naked eye…BUT I am projecting that we will be passing Buchan Point by late afternoon.

    Captain Ross Mattson.

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