Day 7 Townsville – Cairns

Harry's 60th Birthday cake

Total distance run; 230NM

The early afternoon there is an announcement for the fiz quiz. The fiz quiz is a race for each of the crew to test their knowledge on the lines and see how much they have learnt over the last 7 days. Everyone is lined up in their watches, in numerical order while Ally then shouts the name of a line, then each watch competes to then walk race to where they think the line is. The winner is whoever touches the correct line first. Dirk is the judge and is a little surprised when Ally shouts out ‘locate Dirk’s shoes’ and Dirk has three people race walking at him. The overall winners are the Foremast watch, congratulations and well done for learning your lines so well in a week.

To cool off after the frantic thinking and racing we decide it is time to open the pool and let everyone go for a swim off the side of the ship. While this is happening it is time for the supernumeraries and the Captain to take their place at the table in the great cabin for afternoon tea.

The formalities of the evening start at 1830 with a scrumptious roast Pork, once the meal has finished we then proceed with the evening entertainment, the Sod’s Opera. The night’s entertainment is mainly lyrical and strangely enough we have two renditions of ‘Slop John B’ by the Beach Boys. We have a very interesting poem read by Harry and accompanied by
Jimmy and Josh. The poem has Jimmy tickled so much he struggles to carry on playing the didgeridoo

In the morning we are treated to a brunch on deck before we leave our anchorage at Fitzroy Island. We have only got 11NM to run until we are in Cairns. As we come alongside the crew go and dress the yards in their appropriate watches and we salute Cairns. Fair winds to the Townsville – Cairns crew it has been a fantastic week and we hope you enjoyed your experience on

All’s Well.

The supernummeries at afternoon tea

2 thoughts on “Day 7 Townsville – Cairns

  1. As one of the “Supers” on the last leg I can’t thank enough Capt’n Ross, Elle (for the morning coffee) Dirk, Bouncie, Ally, Jason Eddy and the rest of the wonderful crew for the extrordinary week in time travelling back to the 18th century. Also to all my fellow voyage crew who were from all parts of Australia and the World yet became close family for this one magical week.

    For those cerw and “Super” who are yet to experience Endeavor get ready for what is arguably the most satisfying and wonderful few days of your lives.
    Thank you all.

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