Day 3 Townsville – Cairns

The brain and the brawn on the helm

Latitude; 18°28.5’S

Longitude; 146°34.1’E

Distance run in the last 24hrs; 65.4NM

Average speed; 2.7KN

For the professional crew the afternoon brings us some maintenance to be carried out such as sanding the Rough tree rail. The rest of the crew have an interesting lecture about 18th Century sailing and the trials and tribulations involved.

We are cruising around 2.8 knots after lunch but as they day goes on the wind slowly dies down and Magnetic Island is still lingering behind us.

At 1940 the stars are so vivid and clear we spot a satellite slowly cruising through the atmosphere. Captain Ross brings up his Spanishguitar and starts playing a few tunes. As he is playing the moon rises big and orange a stern of Endeavour, as it gradually rises it dulls out the intensity of the starts but it is a beautiful still night. Then the official words comes that we are becalmed and haven’t had to adjust the helm for an hour and a half. When the Foremast watch comes off at 2000 Bouncy and John bring up their Ukuleles, join us on deck and start playing. Although we aren’t going anywhere particularly fast, or even in the correct direction, sometimes it is best just to enjoy the moment and wait for the wind.

The moon rising

The wind finally picked up at 2315 when the Mainmast was on watch. We had drifted quite close to an Island that we didn’t want to be particularly near, but as we did get close by we picked up the land breeze, which then pushed us away from the Island and back on our way. By 0030 we were far enough of the Island and so the Mizzenmast watch wear ship and get us back onto the correct heading.

The morning brings us yet more sunshine and fresh winds. It is a nice sight to see white caps on the waves, Endeavour doesn’t appear to have too much motion, but by midmorning the ship has a gentle role. There are many Islands around us including; Pelorus Island, Orpheus Island, Curacoa Island and Great Palm Island. Our intended destination is Hinchinbrook Island to anchor at Zoe Bay. We have all hands on deck to wear ship and so we can make our approach into Zoe Bay we are approx. 15NM from the anchorage. When Cook approached Hinchinbrook he believed that it was part of the Mainland although he couldn’t see a connection the channel was so narrow that he believed it must be connected somewhere further up.

All’s Well.