Thank you Townsville

Endeavour spent a week in Townsville and was open to the public as a museum for 4 days.  In those 4 days we had over 4420 visitors, which is incredible for a regional port. None of this would not have been possible without the help of all the volunteer guides & ship keepers, Reef HQ, the Cultural Centre, Townsville Ports and all those that visited.

Thank you everyone

Fair Winds

Endeavour crew

One thought on “Thank you Townsville

  1. No….we thank you for giving the Townsville Community a chance to hop on board and check out this magnificant vessel, that one can’t even imagine what it would have been like back ‘in the day’. I feel blessed to know one of your volunteer crew on the voyage Townsville to Cairns and I am stirred with excitment of how each crew members day/night has been but most of all…..very excited for my friends return to have a yarn about his journey. Take care all and seriously, enjoy the journey! 🙂 cheers!!

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