Day 2 Townsville – Cairns

The crew helping with the anchor cable

Latitude; 19°01.68’S

Longitude; 146°50.07’E

Distance run in the last 4hrs 30 min; 19.2NM

Average speed; 4.6KN

As we approach Magnetic Island there are briefs happening for each watch, from how breakfast, smoko, lunch and dinner is organised to what we are required to do in the event of abandoning ship. There is a lot of information to take in for the first day.

We reach our anchorage, Five Beach Bay at 1410 and drop the anchor. We then commence with more training and the majority of the afternoon is spent doing the up and overs (climbing the rigging and learning the safety equipment involved). Unfortunately we lose the light of day before the mainmast has the opportunity to go up, and so they will have their turn in the morning.

It is another glorious day in the morning and everyone is keen to get underway and sail. Last night each watch maintained a standard anchor watch. This morning most of us are working to the ships usual routine and get stuck into happy hour, all but the Mainmast, who then has their turn climbing aloft before we get underway.

At 1040 it is time to weigh anchor and do it under sail with no engine. A pretty tough challenge, as this will be the crews first time of sail handling and they will be under the pressure of getting it right first time. An old sailing tradition is; if the captain sails off the anchor and then back onto it he then buys the full crew a shot of rum, luckily for Captain Ross
this is a dry ship!

Sea plane investigating Endeavour

As we depart Captain Ross talks to the Foremast watch about the different ways to helm (steer) which is; Conning – helming by command, compass – helming by the compass and full and by – Helming as close to the wind as possible. To begin with our progress is slow, with a speed of a little over 1 knot but when we get out of the shelter of the bay there should be more wind to push us on our way.

All’s Well.