Day 10 Brisbane – Gladstone

Arriving into Gladstone

Latitude; 23°50.1 S

Longitude; 151°15.1 E

Distance run in the last 24hrs; 47 NM

After an exciting morning with the viz quiz the afternoon brings more entertainment with a video and photo slide show and the gentlemen’s afternoon tea. Everybody is putting together their last preparations for tonight’s sods opera. The Mizzenmast go up aloft to put harbour stows in the sails to make sure they look neat for our pending arrival in port.

Jeremy and Eddie do an excellent job on the dinner as always, and then it is time for tonight’s entertainment. The Mizzen Mast kick things off with a medley of blowing in the wind with a few minor lyrical adjustments, followed by the Mainmast. Now the Mainmast had a very special performance for us tonight involving the Bohemia bagpipes. I have never seen anything quite like these bagpipes are extraordinary and not traditionally like the standard bagpipes, please see photo for reference.

Captain Ross playing the Bohemia pipes

Unfortunately it is a very early start for some, as we weigh anchor at 0000 to ensure we are at the correct place to pick up the pilot at 0600 just outside the channel. It is an additional 47 NM from where we are at in Bustard Bay. We arrive on time into Gladstone and have a crowd to welcome us. It has been a fantastic trip and we are sad to see the crew leave, fair winds to all

All’s well.

3 thoughts on “Day 10 Brisbane – Gladstone

  1. Is it true that the reason we always seem to see photos of Endeavour firing her gun from 300 yards away is that the crew abandon ship and leave Captn. Ross to light wick??

  2. Or another thought is that the photographer is sent out in a small boat as a target for the gun crew??

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