Day 9 Brisbane – Gladstone

Latitude; 24°08.0 S

Michael climbing to furl the Fore Course

Longitude; 151°50.7 E

At 1340 there is a call for hands on deck assist in furling (stowing) the sails and to run out the anchor line. Bustard Bay is how I imagine it to be, peaceful and picturesque. We fire the port cannon to let everyone know we have arrived and drop the anchor. It is not a very sheltered anchorage as we have to anchor two miles offshore due to a large sand bar.

Now being *Manx and not a fellow Australian I got a taste of the Australian sense of humour tonight, and I don’t think I like it! There was an announcement made after quiet time for me to come on deck and bring my passport, I knew it was serious when Captain Ross referred to me by my full name and not my commonly used name. As quick as I could I went straight on deck to be confronted by customs and four policemen. Customs asked me if I had applied for a working holiday visa, when it was done, and if it was direct
through the government or if I had used an agency. I gave him my passport and started to explain my situation as I had, had difficulties with my visa getting out to Australia but to my knowledge it had all since been rectified. Customs then told me my visa had expired and that I would have to leave the ship with them now. At this point my jaw dropped and finally Captain Ross stopped the wind up! All I can say on this matter is revenge is a dish best served cold and I have plenty of months to plot and plan.

Throughout the night the crew maintained an anchor watch to ensure the ship doesn’t drag. This morning we have lots of visitors out to the ship, but due to the strong swell unfortunately we are unable to go ashore and people are unable to come onboard. Instead we keep ourselves entertained with the Fizz quiz. A test of knowledge for the crew, to remember where the lines are and when called safely race to the correct line. Foremast came first, closely followed by Mainmast and in third place the Mizzen mast.

* Manx – somebody originating from the Isle of Man

All’s well.

Me being questioned by customs and the police

9 thoughts on “Day 9 Brisbane – Gladstone

  1. So you come from the famous island of TT races and kippers. My late grandmother used to holiday in Douglas.

  2. That’s too funny Ellie – I’m amazed they managed to keep a straight face throughout!

    Hope you get them back good!

  3. Oh My Gosh Ellie, this is so funny and yet so horrific. 10 points to Ross. I agree, lull them into a false sense of security and just when they think it’s safe-look out!

  4. ” I got a taste of the Australian sense of humour tonight, and I don’t think I like it!”
    I’m sorry to say I had a good laugh reading this. That is until I saw your poor little face!
    Ellie just let me know if you need a hand getting your revenge. I’d be happy to help:):)

  5. Loved the prank about customs/immigration!! They got me in the USA with a similar scam years ago, because my passport was British, and I’m Scottish!!! Took me years to get my own back on some of the culprits … good one Ross.

  6. Never too late to leave a comment I think. Being a prankster myself around this time I would have loved to have seen the look upon your face Ellie. Revenge is sweet though ….

    I did get a little satisfaction at seeing the professional crew talking together one morning on this leg with puzzled expressions about the silver screw they found in their bunks in the middle of the night…nothing like a long hard silver screw planted in your back! hehehhe pirate Sal strikes again

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