Day 8 Brisbane – Gladstone

Latitude; 24°11.2 S

Getting to grips with the sextant

Longitude; 152°00.7 E

Distance run in the last 24 hrs; 100.8Nm

Average speed; 4.2kn

This afternoon there are activities happening everywhere; maintenance on deck, sods practice in the 18th century deck and in the Great Cabin and the tracking chart being put together in the 20th century deck. Ralph, Harry and Bob are kindly preparing an informative chart for Captain Ross to take ashore to the town 1770, for a school that is
preparing a time capsule and they have asked if we could provide something for this.

Everybody is looking forward to arriving at Bustard Bay tomorrow and be able to take part in the festivities. Cook landed in Bustard Bay on 23rd May 1770. He named it Bustard Bay after a hunting party went ashore and brought back a bird resembling the British Bustard for dinner. The Bustard was over hunted in Britain and by the 18th century had been wiped out. Now they are gradually reintroducing the species back into England.

Reading Cook’s diary a curious event happened the night before they arrived at Bustard Bay. Cook’s clerk Mr. Orton had been drinking and had got himself suitably drunk, and was then maliciously taken advantage of. All the clothes had been cut off from his back and if that wasn’t enough, somebody then later went into his cabin and cut a
part off both of his ears while he slept. The suspicion was placed on Mr. Magra a midshipman. Thankfully we didn’t experience such event’s, it was more of an occasional offensive snore!

Some of the Foremast crew waving from the yard

This morning brings us more activities, but primarily on deck. We are still doing exceptionally well with our speed and are still ahead of schedule, so we wear ship and gradually zigzag our way North towards Bustard Bay. By noon we are not far away from our destination.

All’s Well.

Approach to Bustard Bay

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  1. Dear crew, I’ll be joining you in Townsville for the leg to Cairns as a “super” so reading this log is almost torture for the anticipation it’s creating. As an Endeavor guide at ANMM I feel like she’s a member of my family so please look after her for us. although that’s obviously what you’re all doing magnificently. Fair winds and calm seas.

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