Day 5 Brisbane – Gladstone

Latitude; 23°20.5 S

Longitude; 153°33.7 E

Distance run in 24hrs; 68.6 NM

Average speed; 2.8 Kn

At 1400 the call comes for all hands to wear ship. We have made such good progress that we are now North of Gladstone with SW winds. Unfortunately the wind direction will not allow us to sail West in through the reef towards the coast and Bustard Bay. Unlike the previous voyage we are well ahead of our schedule so we decide to wear ship and head east to make the most of the sailing.

While wearing ship Steve notices that we have finally got a fish on the Engineers fishing line, the first one since leaving Sydney. Steve and Captain Ross pull in the line and land a decent sized tuna. Now the question is who caught the fish? Is it the engineer Mark, because it is his tackle and line, or is it Captain Ross and Steve because they landed it? Comments and thoughts on this one would be appreciated.

Mark preparing sashimi

At dusk Mark starts brining in the fishing lines and much to our disbelief there is a fish on the hook but all that remains of it is the head, something bigger has come along and eater the rest of it! We also had a visitor today in the great cabin. As Peter was relaxing reading his book a swallow flew through the window did a lap and landed for a rest before flying back out, which is pretty incredible considering we are still over 65NM from land.

The afternoon also brings small groups of watches gathering for the Sod’s opera preparation. The last crew were fantastic but this crew also looks as though they are going to provide some top entertainment.

This morning we have another brief whale sighting but then it is followed by some very active jumping dolphins, that come and play in the wake. After the usual happy hour, Captain Ross gives a lecture on deck about meteorology.

All’s well.

Dolphins coming to play in the wake

6 thoughts on “Day 5 Brisbane – Gladstone

  1. Sorry Captain Ross, definately the Engineer’s fish – his tackle and line, his fish!!! The tuna was there in the first place, you and Steve only pulled it in. That’s my reasoning anyway, just don’t hold it against me when I join you in the west!!

  2. Hi All
    Sounds like you are haveing a great time with whales, dolphins and fish to eat! I especially like the recognition of the team effort for the fresh feed! Say Hi to Kyle from all of us over here in the west. Cheers Nanette

  3. North of Gladstone? Does this mean you are not able to get to Bustrad bay for tomorrow, Tuesday 17 May???

    We sure hope you can make it, there is much media and public excitement!

    As to the fish … ‘finders, keepers’, hehehe!

    • No the plan is still to come into Bustard Bay on Tuesday. We are just making the most of the wind at present, we will shortly be wearing ship to head back towards Bustard Bay. We will kepp you updated of our ETA

  4. Great to see the pitch being poured in this photo – I actually did this as a child when my father was building a timber trawler in the back yard – this was 1965 or so – Dad had fallen through the deck earlier and injured his leg and the work had to continue. I had no problems with the kettle of pitch and I believe the boat is still somewhere afloat today – maybe – but I don’t know that such things would be approved of today! I look forward to the Fremantle to Bunbury leg as I learn to sail!

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