Day 4 Brisbane – Gladstone

Latitude; 23°17.7 S

Longitude; 152°31.7 E

Distance run in 24 hrs; 127.4 NM

Average speed; 5.3 knots

This afternoon it is time for the crew to get involved in some maintenance. Endeavour’s anchor line is soaked in tar to keep the line preserved longer; unfortunately the tar on the line has not yet completely dried out, meaning it gets everywhere.  Since we anchored at Morton Bay you can hear people squelching their way across the deck and so today’s maintenance is to scrape the tar from the deck, people’s shoes and anywhere else it has spread to.

At 1600 the sighting everyone has been waiting for comes, a couple of humpback whales off the North of Fraser Island. It is only a brief viewing before they dive, but everyone is exceptionally happy to see them especially as it is earlier than the migration period. Perfect timing as Foremast and Mainmast watch are changing over so there are plenty of crew to
witness them.

Ralph making his wife proud

Stepping on deck this morning there is no land to be seen anywhere. We have cleared Fraser Island and seem to be sailing along at some speed and are now approx. 60 Nautical miles offshore. We have got good SW winds and we intend to make the most of them.

Today is Friday 13th and we thought we would make the most of this opportunity to play a trick on the viewers of the live stream which is live from 1200-1300. So at 1200 when the camera went live, we all hid including the helmsman and managed to do an hour of watch with no one being visible and not a soul being seen on the hours live feed. Looking at the
feedback on the Facebook page it appeared to have the desired effect.

Just as we are playing our practical joke we pass the Tropic of Capricorn at 23.5°, so are now official in the tropics. Looking around deck you wouldn’t think it, as the wind is cold and a lot of the crew are wearing thermal jackets. Then one by one the professional crew seem to appear with very loud floral shirts, oh yes we are definitely in the tropics.

All’s well.

Where did everyone go?

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