Day 3 Brisbane – Gladstone

Fraser Island

Latitude; 25°00.9 S

Longitude; 153°32.0 E

Distance run in the last 24 hours; 111NM

Average speed; 4.62 k

Brisbane – Gladstone

All is going well, the engine is off the sails are set, the sun is shining, then all of a sudden the sails went *aback. The wind totally shifts from SW to N so mainmast quickly and attentively wear ship and then we spend the next 10 minutes facing the wrong way towards Brisbane. Then the wind shifts back around to SW, so again mainmast wears ship and we are back on the right track. In the middle of this episode, we have our first pod of dolphins alongside and playing in the wake.

It is a cool evening with a beautiful sunset. The night has a few stars and a third quarter moon and although not particularly bright it is very peaceful and still, now that we are away from the town lights of the coast.

We wake to the view of the world’s largest sand Island, Fraser Island. It is a pretty spectacular view as Fraser Island is over 123km long and still growing. It was originally named ‘K’Gari’ which translates as paradise. The name was then changed after Eliza Fraser was shipwrecked there in 1839. She was the only survivor of a crew of 18 and she remained there for
several years with the local Indigenous inhabitants. Cook was the first European to chart the area but after reading Cook’s diary extracts, it reads as if he didn’t identify that Fraser Island was actually separate from the mainland.

We have all got our eyes peeled for Humpback Whales. They migrate up the coast to Hervey Bay usually in June time to calf, as the Bay provides shallow, warm water and plenty of shelter. Then in November they will migrate back down South once they have gained some blubber. So far there are no sightings.

*aback is when the wind bear’s on the forward side of the sail.

All’s well.

Jeremy the chef trying to escape from the galley

5 thoughts on “Day 3 Brisbane – Gladstone

  1. Hi Endeavour,

    Looks like you are making better progress then my leg from Syd to Bris.

    It is good that jeremy got out of that Galley He does one hell of a Job.

    Well i am looking at sailing again when endeavour gets down south

    I will watch the blog as she sails

    Have good winds
    Anthony Urbani – SYD to Bris MM#8

  2. Thanks Endeavour Voyage page for the satellite map showing Endeavour’s position.

  3. Congratulations on the climb Jeremy, and hello to everyone on board! I am following the blog and wishing you all the best for the Brisbane – Gladstone leg; looks like a great time being had so far!

    Best wishes, fair winds and hopefully no more water spouts (although they were pretty amazing!),


  4. Hi Gary!! Laugh with the wind dance with the waves and carry a dream on the wings of your heart love Aunty Kazz

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