Day 2 Brisbane – Gladstone

Container ship passing near Caloundra

Latitude; 26°48’4 S

Longitude; 153°11.0E

Distance run in 26 hours; 73NM

Average speed; 5.21 knots (at anchor for 14 hours)

After lunch and once we have cleared the Gateway Bridge we start the going aloft procedures. There are a couple of anxious faces but otherwise the crew look like they might be naturals at climbing. We arrive off Morton Bay (Shark Spit) ahead of schedule at 1540 and drop the anchor for the night.  Tonight the watches will do an anchor watch. They will each be up on deck for an hour to keep an eye on the anchor buoy as opposed to the full watch being on deck for a standard four hour watch.

Robyn smiling as she climbs for the first time on Endeavour

After dinner it is time for the trickiest lesson of the day, learning to hang the hammocks. It seems to come with ease for most, but judging by the height of some of the hammocks last night some crew would have had an uncomfortable night sleep. There was even a stray leg hanging out of one of hammocks, which reminded me of a Joey I saw last week at Australia zoo!

We heave up anchor at 0640 and start to make our way up the coast towards Caloundra. There are a few blurry eye crew at breakfast, but everyone seems to be settling into the ships routine. Although it is a  bit cold this morning, it looks as though the day is going to bring good weather. Due to the wind and current direction we are making good head way at 7 knots. So again we are well ahead of our ETA of 1500 and pass Caloundra at 1140. As we pass by we set our first sails, setting the Fore Topmast Staysail, Foretopsail, Main Topmast Staysail, Mizzen Staysail and Mizzen course. Then finally silence as the engine is cut.

All’s well.

Setting the Fore Topsail