Departure time for Brisbane

Endeavour will be departing the shores of  Riverside (adjacent Eagle Street Pier)  Brisbane at 1000hrs on the 1oth of May.

Please feel welcome to wave us goodbye, you might even hear our cannon salute! We will then traverse down Brisbane River and will be under the Gateway Bridge by 1200hrs and crossing Moreton Bay by 1500hrs to our anchorage for the night.  

Our Departure to sea from our anchorage in Moreton bay will be at 0630hr on the 11th.

8 thoughts on “Departure time for Brisbane

  1. Nick,

    we should be passing Caloundra by 1500hr and by 1700 point Cartright, all subject to weather !

  2. Sending a big birthday HOORAY to Johnny Warren celebrating his 50th birthday today by going on the Endeavor , Brisbane to Gladstone leg. This guy knows how to have a good time. Enjoy your adventure JP, we will be looking forward to all the great stories of your epic voyage XXX Barb

  3. Message for Matthew Jarmain .. Happy Sailing Mattie Bob – Have a great voyage… Wendy Woo xox

  4. Heave Ho !! Endeavour,
    Has been really wonderful knowing you have been alongside Brisbane these recent days. Looking forward to hearing the cannon salute and for your clear sailing along the Brisbane River to Moreton Bay. A safe harbour for the night and exciting travels all the way.
    Best Wishes
    Deborah Hall

  5. Happy landings you lucky people on this leg of the circumnav.
    Lucky because the superb replica is doing its thing and you’re aboard – in Aus springtime weather too! Very best wishes from a Whitby Guide… enviously!!!


  6. Ooooops! It’s autumn Down Under just now, innit! Sorry.


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