Brisbane Open Days

Endeavour has arrived in Brisbane and is now open to the public until the 8th May

Open 1000 -1700 daily. Last ticket is sold at 1600 to ensure that you get the full tour of the ship.

There will be a lot of school visits every weekday morning until 1300 and so if visiting in these times please be prepared that there could be a wait to get onboard.

$18 adult

$9 child/concession

$38 family (2 adults & 4 children)

Jessica Wattson will be visiting the ship on the 29th April approx 1100

4 thoughts on “Brisbane Open Days

  1. Brisbane is a big place – where exactly in Brisbane is it? You might have mentioned this detail…

  2. Why isn’t the ship isn’t staying in Brisbane a great deal longer, i.e. a month or two, with many child-free days? Strange that Brisbane, with a population of over two million, and another million or so within a hundred kilometres, gets a mere eleven days, while a tiny place like Gladstone (pop. 30,000) gets five days, and Hobart (pop. 220,000) gets no fewer than twelve days.

    Dead easy to see it in Gladstone and Hobart, almost impossible in Brisbane.

    Very unreasonable, very inequitable, and very un-Australian not to give everyone an equal chance to see the ship.

  3. The circumnavigation of Australia by HMB Endeavour is a national outreach program that runs for 13 months. The program has tried to maximise the length of time the ship can be in ports that can accomodate her, prevailing winds and weather. It has also been important to visit regional and remote ports as well as the capital cities, especially those where the ship has not visited before. We wish we could stay longer in all ports so as many people as possible can visit. the website is a great way for people to follow the adventure, no matter where she is. Please keep following.

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