Day 12 Sydney – Brisbane

Latitude; 27°47.153 S

Longitude; 153°03.07E

After lunch we set up a projector in the 18th century to show some aerial clips of Endeavour, photographs from the voyage and the ultimate tall ship movie ‘Around Cape Horn’. At smoko the supernumeraries and Captain Ross have an afternoon tea with croissants and scones in the Great Cabin. Shortly after smoko it is all hands of the permanent crew to set up the 18th Century for the last night meal and the Sod’s Opera.

Chef’s Jeremy and Eddie do an outstanding Roast Beef that they have worked very hard preparing and cooking all day. Then it is time to start the long awaited sods opera. We have Stephen (Webby) as our compare and many fantastic acts that follow. This crew did not lack in musical talent! I think my favourite performance of the night was the Foremasts rendition of ‘What Do You Do With A Drunken Sailor’. They had come up with their own fitting lyrics about how they were robbed on the egg dropping contest.

It was a good night of performances but we are all only too aware that tomorrow brings another early start to make our way up the channel to Brisbane.

We heave up the anchor at 0500 and make our way down the channel. We welcome Brisbane with several big bangs (the cannons). The view is quite a contrast to what we have experienced the last couple of weeks. I have to say a big well done to Anthony who concentrated on the helm from 0800 until we came alongside at 1230. It was time to disembark by 1430 and it was farewell to many. A big thank you to the Sydney – Brisbane crew you have been fantastic. Fair winds

All’s Well

Endeavour under Storey Bridge, Brisbane

2 thoughts on “Day 12 Sydney – Brisbane

  1. Follow your log daily with much interest. I hope that can get you in to Triabunna next Easter 2012.
    Wishing you fair winds and safe waters.
    Noel Burnell
    Spring Bay Maritime & Discovery Centre

  2. Welcome to Brisbane! I’ve posted some shots of your arrival on the volunteers site; and a work colleague has a fab shot of HMB Endeavour under Story Bridge showing cannon smoke + 2 kids on shore running in opp direction, hands over their ears!
    We’ve enjoyed day 1 in museum mode.

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