Day 11 Sydney – Brisbane

Latitude; 27°14.173 S

Longitude; 153°21.962 E

Distance run in the last 24 hours; 83.3 NM

Average speed; 3.4 knots

After the excitement of the morning throwing eggs from the yard, the afternoon is a relatively relaxing Easter Sunday. Most watches are spending their down time practicing for the looming sod’s opera tomorrow night.

The crew gently rocking in their hammocks

At 0600 in the morning an announcement is made that at 0610 we will have a couple of appropriate readings for Anzac Monday on the quarter deck, followed by a minute silence. Captain Ross reads an extract of the ‘Naval Ode’ by William Whiting.

At 0640 the pilot comes alongside to board the vessel, to help us navigate down the channel to our anchorage off Morton Island. The wind had picked up overnight and so has the swell. The pilot shouts across to Travis ‘can you catch?’ Travis looks around to see if there is anyone else in his general vicinity that isn’t holding onto a line of a fender. He very reluctantly answers ‘yes’ while eyeing up an expensive looking laptop bag and almost feeling sea sick just watching the pilot bobbing up and down ferociously in his boat. Much to our delight thankfully Travis catches the laptop and all its expensive equipment.

There is much activity onboard this morning as the Boatswain Ant, Boatswain’s mate Matt and third officer Ben, work on lowering the Fore & Main T’gallant mast and yard. Tomorrow we will be required to go under two bridges; the Gateway Bridge and the Storey Bridge. The Storey Bridge has a clearance of 30.4m at an astronomical high tide and the main mast is 39m, so by lowering and lashing the T’gallant section of the mast and yard it will enable us to clear the bridge comfortably.

We arrive at our anchorage and although it is cloudy with the odd showers, the call comes that we can all finally go for a swim off the ship. Minutes later all those excited by the swim have a sudden change of heart. That could be due to the fact that a large hammer head shark is spotted swimming just off the port side.

All’s Well.

Second mate Nick and Topman Drew sporting Hawaian shirts for sunny Queensland

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