Day 9 Sydney – Brisbane

Latitude; 28°18.2 S

Longitude; 153°40.0 E

Distance run in the last 24 hours; 142.4 Nautical miles

Average speed; 5.9 knots

The afternoon brings the crew on deck to continue with maintenance in the sunshine. Unfortunately we still have the grumbling of the engine running. Margret comments that the smell of tar brings her back to her youth where they used the same tar mixed with paraffin and reckitts blue on ponies and horses to prevent itchiness on irritable areas.

The night is dark without the glow of the moon, although there are many stars visible tonight. Again lightning is flashing in the distance, this time off our bow but again we don’t catch up with it.

In the morning we awake to an announcement that the engine can be shut down, much to our joy, but more interestingly that we are passing Byron Bay. Captain Cook passed & named Byron Bay on Tuesday 15th May 1770. He named Byron Bay after John Byron, who was one of his predecessors in exploration, after having sailed around the world with him on HMS Dolphin in 1764 – 1766. The following is an extract from Cook’s diary describing Byron Bay; ‘It may be known by a remarkable sharp peaked Mountain lying in land North-West by West from it. From this point the land trends North 13 degrees West. Inland it is pretty High & Hilly, but near the shore it is low; to the Southward of the point the land is low, and tolerable level.’

Megan not only having conquered the Futtock's but then to go climb all the way to the Topgallant. Well done Megan we are all proud of you

At the morning meeting Captain Ross discusses that at midday we will be approaching Fingal Point and Danger Point which has caused some controversy over the years. The reason being is that they have been named incorrectly and what is now known now as Fingal Point should actually be the Danger Point that Cook named in 1770. Today we are going to take the same route that Cook describes in his diary extracts, to see if we can help clarify that the Points have been incorrectly named.

All’s Well

David ensuring that nobody steps on his wet varnish

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