Position and times for Approach to Brisbane

Monday 25th

0500 – Entering channel and picking up the pilot

1200 – Anchored in the vicinity of Morton Island

Tuesday 26th

0500 – Depart anchorage

1100 – Approaching Gateway Bridge

1200 – Approaching Story Bridge

*The above is all
subject to change. If any changes to times and positions it will be updated
accordingly and highlighted in red.

6 thoughts on “Position and times for Approach to Brisbane

  1. Are you intending on going under the storey bridge as the clearance is only 30 meters? I understand the height of the main mast is 39 meters.

  2. Hi Helen,

    Yes we are planning on going under. We are going to be lowering the topgallant m asts to enable us to clear the bridge

  3. Where do you plan to anchor tomorrow? If the winds are favourable I will sail up the river with you all!

  4. We won’t be anchoring tomorrow just on Monday off Morton Island. We are currently just sailing up the Gold Coast. We will be entering the main channel on Monday morning at 0500 to pick up a pilot.

  5. Thanks, got the days mixed up. I assume that you will be anchored where all the ships do off the east channel. Eitherway I am sure you wont be missed!

    Been watching you via AIS! Seeya on Tuesday!

  6. Good Luck to allthe crew My relative Rick Steward is on board I just wish I could be there to see them come in.

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