Day 8 Sydney – Brisbane

Night time sailing

Latitude; 30°32.9 S

Longitude; 153°09.8 E

Distance run in the last 24 hours; 112 NM

Average speed; 4.7 knots

On the last night of a voyage it is the ships tradition to have Sods Opera. Sods Opera is where each watch carries out a performance or several performances of any variety as part of an end of voyage party. In previous voyages they have varied very much from the weird and wonderful, so we are intrigued to see what Tuesday night will bring.

With Sods Opera fast approaching groups of crew can be seen frequently huddled and whispering, then when approached you can hear ‘sshhhhh’ and the look of innocent smiles. But one group in particular are a lot more vocal in their practice for their ‘Sods’ performance. The Main mast watch has a group of very talented musicians and after lunch a beautiful rendition of ‘Some Where Over The Rainbow’ can be heard with an accompanying Guitar, Ukulele, Harmonica, Recorder, Tin Whistle, Maracas. I can’t wait to see this performance on Monday night.

Now that the storms have passed and the sunshine is back many of the crew are keen to assist the permanent crew in the important upkeep and maintenance of the ship. On deck there is all sorts of work happening from tarring the hatch covers to make them more weather proof, Scraping the pitch off the deck and Victoria is busy stitching away to make a new sea bucket for the ship.

The night passes quietly with only the occasional lightning on the horizon further north but we are not going to catch up with it. There are plenty of stars and a bright moon shimmering off the sea.

This morning we carry out another drill, Fire, causing Chefs Jeremy and Eddie to joke about Crepe Flambé and the effect it may have on the gunpowder. All goes very smoothly and the crew work well in helping the permanent crew set up the fire hoses. We are now making good speed in the right direction as you can see from the distance run in the last 24 hours. We are close to the coast so had fantastic views as we passed Smoky Cape this morning.Stephen even received a message from his wife saying that she could see the ship sail past from their home.

All’s Well.

5 thoughts on “Day 8 Sydney – Brisbane

  1. You’ve got a very able-bodied voyage crew there with all willing to “pitch” in.

  2. Greetings from Oregon!

    I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed reading this Blog. Thank you for writing it. It’s quite interesting and entertaining and educational. I read it daily. Please keep it going.

    I am an Oregon USA music composer and I am currently writing an orchestral work that is intended to convey the experience of setting sail on a tall ship, like the Endeavour. Reading this blog daily sure keeps me pumped up for my project!



  3. Hi All
    Sounds like you are all having a wonderful time can’t wait to hear the Endevour versoin of ‘Some Where Over The Rainbow’ Hope you all have a fantastic Easter!! Cheers Nanette

  4. Thought i was seeing things the other day. From the smoky cape lighthouse saw your beautiful lines in the distance. Just found blog and confirmed it to be real. Smooth sailing. Andrew.

  5. Yes Andrew it was indeen us! We had a beautiful sail past the lighthouse & enjoyed the fantastic scenery.

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