Day 5 Sydney – Brisbane

Latitude: 32°21.05 S

The good ship Endeavour

Longitude: 153°10.6 E

Distance run in 24 hours: 62.4 NM (in the wrong direction!)

Average speed: 2.6 knots

This afternoon brings us the weather we were expecting with North Easterly winds force 2-3. This means that we are not going anywhere fast or even in the correct direction. It is a nice evening and all are in high spirits, back to full health enjoying the weather.  At dinner time Eddie, the cooks mate, presents Margaret with her Birthday cake after a fantastic Roast Lamb Dinner.

Steve & Jim on the helm

The night was quiet and uneventful until the Mizzen Mast watch came on at 0400 and commenced to wear ship*. This is a manoeuvre that usually requires all hands but the watch managed with 14 of them, a job well done.

Morning greets us with beautiful sunshine, flat seas and very little wind from the North West (a force 2). After breakfast we are informed that the usual morning crew briefings have been suspended as we are going to set more sail, and that we did. By the time we completed setting the additional 6 sails the only sails that aren’t set are the Mizzen Topmast Staysail, Main Topgallant Staysail and the Main Staysail. Meaning 14 sails are set out of the 17 sails of the basic rig. After the sails are set there is a pod of Pilot Whales spotted off the port side, they are quite far away and although not breaching, they are having a good splash around.

After morning smoko the Captain and 1st mate are looking very suspicious on deck and then the general alarm is sounded and a football thrown overboard. The aft lookout Neil, was superb and straight away kept a watch and pointed at the tiny football in the vast sea. The drill was carried out smoothly and the crew all did a sterling job of handing the sails and assisting in getting the lifeboat in the water in a timely manner. The lookouts did such a good job the rescue boat team knew exactly where to go without having to radio in.

*Wearing ship is bringing the ship before the wind with braces carefully controlling the sails. This is otherwise known on yachts as a Gybe.

All’s Well

Neil keeping a good look oout on the man overboard drill

2 thoughts on “Day 5 Sydney – Brisbane

  1. Ahhhh now it all becomes clear, maybe it’s not the nor easterly to blame for the backwards direction It’s Pirate Jim at the Helm!! hmmmmmmm Good reading, fab place to celebrate a birthday, pity the whales weren’t a little closer.

  2. Well done superb lookout Neil. Always there to keep your eye on the ball. We’ll be watching to see what else you get up to.

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