Day 4 Sydney-Brisbane

Greg, Travis & Kyle on the Main Upper top sail undoing the double reef

Latitude: 31°39.7 S

Longitude: 153°35.3 E

Distance run in 24 hours: 77.8NM

Average Speed: 3.24 knots

Evening has arrived and the wind has died down to a force 4-5 however there is still a swell of 2.5m from Saturday’s and Sunday’s strong winds. In the next few hours if the wind stays light, the swell should also gradually decrease. After a couple of days of crew struggling it is an early night for many to catch up on those lost hours of sleep.

We awake again to beautiful skies and calmer seas. The wind has dropped to a force 3 during the night. We are now lacking the wind and it is due to swing around to the North East this afternoon decreasing even more, leaving us with light winds blowing the wrong direction. This does give us the opportunity to set more sail and lose the double reefs that we put in the Fore topsail and Main topsail on Saturday, before leaving the mooring.

Hair today gone tomorrow! The boatswain’s mate Matt, decided enough was enough this morning after discovering a dreadlock was mangling up his long locks. He impulsively had topman Amy chop it off after seeing her working on deck with some scissors and they sent it to sea.

We have two celebrations happening today with Margaret’s Birthday and Upper yardsman Nat’s graduation day. We held a little ceremony on deck for Nat this morning and had her dress appropriately so that Captain Ross could hand her, her scroll. Nat has now passed her master’s in Education and specialising in teaching foreign languages. Nat has been studying long distance for three years and studied onboard Endeavour during her 2010 season between watches. So it is very fitting that she graduates on watch!

All’s Well.

Captain Ross presenting Nat with her graduation scroll at our sea ceremony

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