Day 2 – Sydney to Brisbane Out to sea we go


the crew working hard on the sheets of the Foretopsail


Saturday morning and the sky is grey. It has been raining on and off throughout the night. There are many bleary eyes as our new crew adjust to their sleeping arrangements in hammocks. During the night the crew have been undertaking hourly mooring watches which then get recorded in the ships log book. The rounds include a full tour of the ship above and below decks. When below decks there are a number of checks carried out such as the bilge level (checking that the water level at the bottom of the ship is not too high), the water pressure gauge and the radar. Above decks the rounds will include checking the anchor light is on, that there are no tripping hazards on deck and that the ship is not riding up onto the mooring buoy. We also carry out basic weather checks such as the barometer (for Air pressure), wind direction and wind force (calculated in the Beaufort scale*)

The forecast for the day is great for sailing with South Easterly winds force 5-6 (20 > 30 knots). Due to the strength of the wind the crew double reef the fore and main topsail before we leave. The expected sea swell is 4 meters. With this in mind and with Endeavour having not sailed in almost a year, it is paramount that we make the ship secure by lashing down anything that potentially might move. This includes items from museum artefacts to the Galley (kitchen) fridge and freezer!

Sydney harbour Heads


By 1100 we are all stowed and on our way and by 1145 we are passing the heads. The first sail we set is the Mizzen course. Just before lunch the Foretopsail is set. The seas are unfortunately not easing the crew in gently with the high swell and some struggle to find their sea legs.

*The Beaufort scale was created by Sir Francis Beaufort for indicating the force of the wind ranging from scales of 1 – 12.

All’s well