Day 1 – Sydney to Brisbane Fond farewells

Today is the big day we all have been waiting for, after 6 months of an extensive refit Endeavour is ready for her awaited departure. The weather is fantastic and there are many people to bid the good ship Endeavour on her fair way.

All the crew arrive in a timely manner and are greeted by their watch leaders on the wharf before the magnificent farewell ceremony commences. The ceremony involves guest speakers, a Navy band, traditional aborigine dancing, and Uncle Max presenting Captain Ross with a message stick. Uncle Max will then proceed in blessing the ship and her crew with a smoking ceremony for safe passage.

Uncle Max blessing the ship and her crew in a traditional smoking ceremony

Once all crew are back on board we cast off the lines, fire the canon and are on our way. An entourage of ships come to greet us in the harbour to wish us well on our journey. No sooner have the lines been cast before all hands on deck, to prepare the ship for coming on to the mooring. Tonight we will spend the evening at Athol Bright as we have a busy day of training and ship familiarisation for the new crew. It is also bad luck to leave on a Friday, according to a traditional seafaring superstition.

The ship with all lines cast off and on her way

This afternoon’s training involves going through the drill procedures such as man overboard, fire and abandon ship. The crew will then learn every nook and cranny on the ship in their guided tour before testing their heads for heights in going aloft. The final challenge will surely test the new crew’s knowledge and ability of knot tying and climbing – setting up their hammocks for sleepy time.

All’s well

2 thoughts on “Day 1 – Sydney to Brisbane Fond farewells

  1. Welcome to Endeavour in Brisbane!
    For visitors and locals it was one remarkable event to have opportunity to see Endeavour. So we went to see it.

    Surprisingly, our tour began when we’re still on the queue at the wharf, thanks to a gentleman who stood at the entrance gate!
    As we found out, he was not just a gate keeper but the cook of Endeavour himself (didn’t exactly catch his name, sorry !) — a smiley man with very friendly disposition, who gave us off the cuff but detailed briefing about what we are about to experience.
    He made the 20 minutes on the queue pass really fast. Thank you, the cook of Endeavour!
    When on board we’re impressed by the welcome, the good organisation and guides at main points of interest.
    Speaking of guides, after our two visits on the ship, I and my friends were truly glad to have these people around, and
    wish to convey our special commendations to one of guides in particular, the gentlemen with a name tag Peter Simon. During our visits we’re lucky to be guided by him at 3 points along the route. Every time his way to explain what we see was right on the spot, brief and in the same time in depth, he was able to answer our questions in a manner a layperson can understand, always with a smile and in good humour! Something we appreciate very, very much!
    This gentleman is not just an ordinary guide, he is a person who obviously knows (and likes) his work — good to have Mr. Simon and guides like him on the ship!

    During our tour on Endeavour, we’ve met crew members. Our suggestion — it will be a good idea if they, when on board, wear some sort of a badge / name tag that identify them — visitors and kids in particular will be very glad to see the real persons who make the ship what it is today, so, don’t be shy sailors, everyone is glad to meet you!

    Thanks Endeavour people and happy journey!

    A. Graaf
    Family Herbert
    Family Weinberg
    Family Richards

  2. Hi,

    Thank you so much for coming to visit us! We are always glad to receive feedback from our visitors and we take all comments onboard. That will be Jeremy the cook you were talking to and I will pass on your comments to him. I will also make sure that Mr Simon hears of the positive feedback. Again thank you for visiting us and we hope you come back onboard soon.

    Kind regards
    Keep reading!

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