HMB Endeavour refit for the voyage to circumnavigate Australia

As Sydney sweltered through its heatwave, the crew of HMB Endeavour began one of the most extensive refits of the ship since the Australian National Maritime Museum became her custodian.

The initial flurry of activity at Garden Island has now died down after the lower fore & main masts and the bowsprit were removed and various teams have set to work on their tasks.

The construction of the new rig is still continuing with the lower stays now in production. The new lower shrouds are being readied to have cleats, blocks and deadeyes transferred too and the last of the mousings – intricate rope work at the tops of stays – is almost complete.

The refurbishment of the lower masts and bowsprit are well under way, the wooldings – rope wound around the mast to strengthen it – have been removed and the whole lot has been sanded. There are still some areas that need a bit more attention where they have been affected by rot but this is easily remedied with gravos – timber repairs.

The ship’s new caterpillar generators have been delivered and are ready for installation in the engine room and our surveyor has begun the process of marking all the seams in the topsides that need recaulking.

It’s a big job!

Now with the weather turning that little bit cooler the work will be just as demanding but not quite as exhausting.

Kathryn Kershaw-General Purpose Hand

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  1. Nice article Ant. Very interesting stuff. Hope the lifting went ok on friday.

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