Endeavour circumnavigation of Australia voyage berths selling fast

We’ve been absolutely inundated with applications from keen voyage crew for our HMB Endeavour circumnavigation of Australia through our website. Our interested applicants are from here in Australia and overseas and cover a range of ages. All are excited to become involved in this historic event.

Endeavour circumnavigation

Our circumnavigation includes 20 short voyages over 13 months

So, what can you expect from a voyage like this one?

Our previous voyage crew say sailing on Endeavour is a great way to meet new friends and share unique experiences. Voyage crew are welcomed from all backgrounds. You’ll work as a team with your new friends from the moment you board Endeavour. Together, you’ll live through sleeping in hammocks, handling the rigging, stand watches and steer the ship through fair and foul weather. You’ll swap tales and laughs and participate in the fun of the ‘Sod’s Opera’.

Endeavour voyage crew climbing the rigging

Climbing the rigging

A typical day sees the crew rise early, hammocks stowed and breakfast served. The morning program involves sail handling, ship maintenance and cleaning, while the afternoon may include rigging, plus sail and rope work. You will have some free time when off duty that can be spent aboard Endeavour as you wish – read, write, get to know your crewmates, or simply catch up on lost sleep.

Of course, if hauling ropes and setting sails is not for you, then there are supernumerary berths available. These limited berths – four for each voyage leg – are ideal for those who may find the physical work of sailing too difficult. You will get the chance to occupy individual cabins and relax in the Great Cabin, just as Cook himself would have done.

Interested? Want more information?

Check out our dedicated website, endeavourvoyages.com.au for complete details on how you can get involved or come to visit Endeavour in a port near you!