Cap’n Grognose Johnny be teaching yer t’ Talk Like a Pirate!

Ahoy there, mateys, I’m Cap’n Grognose Johnny, pleased t’ meet yer, shiver me timbers!

I been a pirate for years, mateys, an’ I’m the best pirate in the land. I lo’e sailin’ on the sea an’ I’m always lookin’ fer other pirates t’ add t’ me crew.

Talk like a pirate day

Talk like a pirate. Arr.

Ye might not know it but 19 September o’ e’ery year is Talk like a Pirate Day. An’ by ‘pirate’, I means yer gots ter talk like Cap’n Grognose Johnny, th’ foulest sailor who e’er sailed the seven seas.

Join me scurvy crew on th’ ‘ol Facebook an’ I be teachin’ yer t’ talk like a pirate in no time, or thar’s a plank that be ready fer walkin’! The ‘X’ marks th’ spot at