ANMM ♥ ‘Ask A Curator Day’ on Twitter

International ‘Ask a Curator Day’ was yesterday, and we were delighted with the response from interested Tweeters all over the world.

Ask A Curator

From the Ask A Curator website:

‘Ask a Curator Day’ on September 1st 2010 will open the door to experts with a unique worldwide question and answer session which will let interested members of the public put questions to museum and gallery curators.

All the Q&A action took place on Twitter, where questions were fired from curious individuals from all corners of the globe.

Here’s a sample of some of the curly questions posed to us:

It was an interesting challenge for our curators to keep their answers under the 140-character limit for Twitter, and it was fun to see how other museums tackled the activity.

We were excited to be in such company as TATE, British Museum, Guggenheim Museum and The Smithsonian.

To join us on Twitter, and to see how our curators managed to answer these tricky questions, visit

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