HMB Endeavour enthusiasts visit ANMM

Avid Facebook fan Anthony Widdowson visited ANMM last week with some fellow Endeavour enthusiasts to view and tour the museum’s vessels.

Anthony said of the experience: “Our group met in the museum and after a nice chat with the model maker we headed for the Endeavour herself, meeting the ship manager who provided an introduction to the ship before we all boarded. The guides on the ship were very useful, knowledgeable and helpful.”

“It was decided to make a return visit to the museum, possibly before the Endeavour sails off for her around Australia tour.”

Anthony Widdowson's photo of Endeavour silhouetted against the city skyline

Anthony Widdowson's photo of Endeavour silhouetted against the city skyline

Thanks for visiting, Anthony, we welcome all our social media friends to come along and let us know how you enjoyed your time at the ANMM.

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2 thoughts on “HMB Endeavour enthusiasts visit ANMM

  1. Thanks for a great day ANMM. i was one of this party of Endeavor Enthusiasts. got cranky at my camera a few times because it wouldn’t take photo’s fast enough. I have included our trip to ANMM in my article that i write for an online publication called Model Ship Builder. It will be in next months issue as i missed the closing date to get it in this months. Also i have put together over 500 of the photo’s we took that day and launched a tall ship research and development website for the modeler to compare model to real thing.

    Thanks again for a great day and i look forward to coming back as soon as i can.

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